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"We make socks. Sometimes ordinary but beautiful.
Other times, designers bring them fresh views.
We produce them in the Czech Republic. Made of the highest quality materials.
Don't look for any big overlap. It's just a small detail for fun."

"We make windows and doors for distinctive houses.

With regard to the functionality and beauty of the architecture. Unobstructed views. Bright spaces."

Furniture designed and made by masters. Simple, easy, beautiful, functional, unforgettable.

We believe in Czech craftsmanship and innovative design. Our products are beautiful and practical, made of quality materials with a long service life.

PÁR balances between the city and nature, technology and tradition.

It combines everything we enjoy and surrounds us. From music and art, through design, architecture, to trips overseas and beyond.

PÁR is a responsible local brand that we would like to discover and follow ourselves, because it is never clear what will come next.
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