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Mast with a view

The mast with a view is a minor disturbance in the landscape. It is located in Libčice nad Vltavou, in the place of the future Na Cihelce park. It is the starting point, an intervention that is supposed to arouse activity and raise the importance of the place, the first construction project in the area, which is to be changed from a neglected place into a park in the future. The mast is inspired by the fame of Libčice bricklayers, who, among other things, specialized in the construction of chimneys at factories. They have built over a thousand of them in the Czech Republic. It is located on an elevated position in the heart of the future park and thus becomes its landmark and meeting place. It can be seen from the surroundings, at the same time it itself offers an exceptional view of the city and the Větrušická gorge on the opposite bank of the Vltava.

The mast construction combines an inner steel structure and an outer wooden shell. The steel structure consists of a central tube, an extension for the flag, stair treads, a landing and a foundation rim. Teaching in the form of "design and characters" allows students not only to invent and draw the construction, but also to implement it with their own hands.


Architect: studenti ČVUT
Photo: Martin ČeněkBoysPlayNice