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Cable car station

The cable car in Pustevny is strongly connected to its place. The hilly landscape and the adjacent dense forests indicate a suitable choice of materials used: stone on the ground floor, wood on the upper floors. The asymmetrically sloping roof is in line with the gently sloping hills around. Jurkovič's neighboring houses represent the romantic past of a small mountain settlement. Sloping roofs of houses, gables, carved wooden motifs on facades. These are all remnants of a lost world that inspire the folk elements used at the new station.

Rough materials used in the exterior, such as wood and stone, are balanced in the interior with a fine design and surfaces, adding a feeling of coziness. The purity of the interior design is also given by the large-format windows placed over the entire wall, the wooden ceiling with supporting beams is characteristic of the local way of dividing the interior space and brings its additional value. The overall concept of the cableway exit station is supported by elaborate details, especially the joints between glass and wood.


Architect: Kamil Mrva Architects
Photo: Studio Toast