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The Guard Patrol

The story of The Guard Patrol project began in 2014. Architects from the Mjölk studio designed a series of small stops on the Stráž hill, which is part of the ridge undulating above Rokytnice. Mount Stráž was one of the places where signals about the enemy crossing the border of our country were sent with the help of fire and smoke during the invasion of enemy troops.

The concept of The Guard Patrol project was born from the village's intention to build a classic lookout tower on top. The structure and shape of the hill proved to be unsuitable for the construction of a lookout tower, and it seemed more appropriate to design several stops on the rocks that line the top of the hill. The views are located in different environments and offer varied views of the surrounding countryside, trees or blueberries. They bring visitors not only the perspective of distant mountain ridges, but also the intimacy of the forest environment. The inspiration for light constructions made of wood and steel were figures from the emblem of the town of Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Architect: Mjölk
Photo: OBA creators