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City Hall

The town hall in Modřice has the potential to become a community center. The architecture of the house expresses solidity, seriousness and evokes peace. The public also expects all this from such a house. The building is therefore designed as a quiet house standing firmly on the ground. The large volume of the hall is dispersed by division into three equal masses. This division corresponds to the internal traffic - the large hall contains a large field, which can be divided into three football / volleyball fields.
The façade of the new parts of the house consists of plaster profiled into horizontal cornices of cross-section of a right triangle. This division gives large areas detail and human scale. The roof of the city hall is made of metal, tinted in the color of the plaster.
The interior of the hall is designed so that each visitor has a spatial experience and is intuitive in the building. Views of the main sports hall from the foyer lead the spectators to the grandstand. On the way to the grandstand, visitors pass a glass wall separating the grandstand and gym. The actors of the contour theater for the newcomers and vice versa are actually strengthening. The basement is occupied by a large part of the cloakroom and the pool, which is naturally lit due to the slope of the plot. The pool also includes a relaxing whirlpool.


Architect: Bod architekti
Photo: Tomáš Slavík