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Emergency exit

The Stachelberg artillery fortress is significant in that it has been preserved under construction frozen at the time of the mobilization of the Czechoslovak army in 1938. Extensive access requires new interventions, which must not disturb the perception of its qualities and at the same time allow unfinished places. The long-term plan is to build a visitor center with a military-historical exhibition. The first step in implementing this long-term plan was to ensure the safe escape of visitors from the underground part on the threshold of the Krkonoše National Park.

The emergency exit allows you to ascend from the underground to the terrain in a surprising place, which was to be hidden deep in the bowels of an unrealized infantry cabin. Sensitive mounting minimizes interference with the authentic base plate of the log house itself. The shape of the staircase continues in the logic of the repeating arms of a 40 meter deep shaft. The new part is made of contrasting materials underlining the interface between the original and the added.


Architect: IXA
photo: Benedikt Markel