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Public Jukebox

Public Jukebox has returned to the Czech Republic. The artist Krištof Kintera first presented it to the public in Bratislava in 2013 and since then she has traveled to countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom. Eventually, she settled permanently in a meadow near the forest near Hrachov, which is part of the village of Svatý Jan. It will serve as a means of stopping and meditating and as a picturesque place of pilgrimage on green tourist signs.

The jukebox was originally supposed to stand in the remote town of Siglufjörður in northern Iceland, which used to prosper thanks to abundant flocks of herring. The tooth of time and nature eventually engulfed the city, making it an ideal place for the Public Jukebox. Eventually, however, it found its place several thousand kilometers south in the Sedlčany countryside. The repertoire disrupts the stable atmosphere of the countryside and pushes the viewer to take an active part. It presents him with a broad dilemma of how to influence the atmosphere of the landscape, and at the same time breaks the long-held idea of a statue in a public space.


Author: Krištof Kintera