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Forest. Nothing else around. You will be engulfed by the whole, yet you will remain in the comfort and safety of the Tree House. They will take care of you down to the last detail, so you won't need almost anything with you. In winter, the fireplace heats up and creates a cozy atmosphere. The modern bathroom has a chemical toilet and they also have water for showering here, so you don't have to worry about your hygiene. Weather permitting, the barbecue on the roof terrace and a glass overlooking the deserted landscape will also take over.
In order to forget all your responsibilities, there is no wi-fi connection in Stromovna. The cozy room can accommodate one couple, but even a small lodger can fit into a large bed with them. If you have a long time, a walk in the surrounding forests or a trip to a nearby pond is worth considering. In gloomy weather, there is a library full of inspiring books that you can take home and mail back when you start and don't want to say goodbye to them before the end of the story.
Photo: Lukáš Wagneter