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The design of the Útulnoff shelter seeks maximum respect for the surrounding landscape. None of the trees had to be brought to the ground due to the design, nor was the ground significantly affected. The building is in connection with the rocky relief and the shape of the carved stone naturally expands it. The design shelter by architect Jan Tyrpekl opened to guests only a few months ago. However, minimalist construction is already in common with nature. It offers views of the countryside and cow-grazed pastures throughout the day.

The exterior of the shelter is beaten with planks used on another building, so that there is a natural patina on them. Planks are also used in the interior, but a new one was chosen. The cozy offers a minibar with fine wines, stoves to evoke a romantic atmosphere, which also have a practical side - they heat the bathing water, so comfort is guaranteed all year round. Outdoors, hot tubs provide relaxation.


Architect: Jan Tyrpekl
Foto: Antonín Matějovský