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Lookout Spike

Lookout Spike it stands on the top rock of Malý Špičák and overlooks the valley of the confluence of Desná and Kamenice. In the past, the Tanvald bobsled track started here. The proximity of civilization makes it a much-visited tourist destination and at the same time defines the specific environment of the wilderness in the front garden of the town of Tanvald. The vision of the design was to create a small but distinctive architecture. A structure as delicate and elusive as a drop of dew that barely touches its rock.

The lookout has three thin steel legs and a shiny belly that reflects granite, trees, people and the sky. The mirrored image on the curved surface is distorted, colors and reflections are twisted and mixed. The experience of looking at the building is never the same. The prospect will be here for decades and thousands of people will visit it, but everyone will have a different sense of transience.


Architect: Mjölk
Photo: OBA creators