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Červený zámek

The castle grounds in Hradec nad Moravicí are located in the flat highlands of the Low Jeseník. It includes the Red Castle building, the older White Castle, the White Tower and the park. The concept of the floor plan, where the individual buildings surround a square courtyard, is based on Baroque French castles. The whole area is incorporated into a natural landscape park, which is the largest in the Moravian-Silesian region. Unlike the others, it is not a closed whole, but opens freely into the landscape.

Between 2017-2019, reconstruction and restoration took place, which solved the most pressing problems. It was necessary to provide statically endangered parts of the masonry, vaults, viewpoints and trusses. The roofing, dormers and the courtyard were also replaced. In order for the courtyard to meet the requirements of organized cultural events, it was reunited with paving, based on the geometry of the courtyard facades. All paved areas are intentionally designed in a uniform material - granite so that the result does not compete with the "Red Castle". To improve the microclimatic conditions, especially in the summer, there is a fountain in the space in the design of the so-called hidden water.


Architect: Atelier 38
Photo: BoysPlayNice