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Inn in Horečky

The Rekovice inn building with descriptive number 2 is one of the symbols of the village of Trojanovice. Antonín Bača Horečka was born here, who contributed to the establishment and self-government of this village located at the foot of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. The village representatives agreed to buy the building, which would be renovated and would serve as a municipal restaurant. The historic building was gradually stripped of imperfections, new ceilings in the hall and a new truss were designed. The original vaults and stone walls have been preserved and complemented by contemporary materials. Large window openings attract tourists inside and from the interior the ground floor of the building is open to nature. The large-format glazing towards the forest acts as a large television screen showing the real-time cycle of nature. The interior concept is based on openness, for example with an overview of the kitchen and observing the preparation of meals. Upstairs there are six rooms for guests.


Architect: Kamil Mrva Architects
Photo: Toast / Libor Stavjaník